Customer Stories

At Sun, we pride ourselves in the quality of work produced for our clients. What better way to show you this than to share with some examples of this work with you.

So please have a read through our stories, and view some of the results we’ve achieved for companies like yours.


Pool Controls

A sticky solution for Pool Controls’ adhesive problem.

Sun Industries, an Australian-owned business that specialises in custom labels and decals, has been working with Pool Controls since 2008. Pool Controls, established in 1980, is a leading manufacturer of innovative swimming pool sanitation systems in Australia.

One of the challenges that Pool Controls faced was finding the right materials for their decals, which would be exposed to chemicals, harsh weather conditions, water immersion, sun exposure, and direct sun. They needed durable decals that could withstand these conditions without fading, peeling, or deteriorating over time.

Sun Industries worked closely with Pool Controls to find the right materials for their decals. They recommended using polycarbonate, a high-quality thermoplastic that is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. The polycarbonate material was specifically chosen to ensure the decals remain durable and long-lasting.

The decals produced by Sun Industries have exceeded Pool Controls’ expectations. They have remained intact and clearly visible, even after prolonged exposure to harsh conditions. The use of polycarbonate material in the decals has helped Pool Controls to maintain a professional image and stand out in the competitive swimming pool sanitation systems market.

Sun Industries is proud to have been a part of solving the tricky decal problems faced by Pool Controls. The collaboration between Sun Industries and Pool Controls has resulted in high-quality decals that have helped to enhance Pool Controls’ brand image and establish their reputation as a reliable manufacturer of innovative swimming pool sanitation systems.

“Working with Sun Industries has been a great partnership for us.

They listened carefully to our needs and worked closely with us to find the right materials and adhesives for our decals.

The quality of their work is exceptional, and we have been impressed with their attention to detail and commitment to delivering on time.”

– Declan McGuire – Director – Pool Controls



When Andrew Parry from Engentus contacted us about doing some branding for their TopTorque precision reactionless bolting system, we invited him to come in for a meeting.

We encourage our clients to meet with us and tell us their problem, so we can provide a solution. We’re happy to offer our time and expertise, to help them get to the right solution, the first time.

We provided Andrew with samples, explained the materials and shared information about the technical process, to help him decide on a solution that best suited the needs of the business and the products.

We spoke with Andrew, to find out his thoughts about the final product.

We needed a solution good enough to withstand the rugged environment up north, both for the case and the tool itself. We’re stoked about the final product turned out. The tool and the case look brilliant, and we’re happy with how they’re standing up to real-life conditions.

Working with Sun Industries was great. They were really helpful and transparent about the process. They thoroughly explained the materials and were open to talking about the technical process. They also understood that as a small business we needed to get the best value for money, and worked together with us to help us choose the perfect solution and volume at the right price point. We’ll definitely be back.

– Andrew Parry, Product Support Engineer, Engentus

The TopTorque Tool Solution

The branding solution chosen for the tool was a bespoke screenprinted and hard-coated polyester decal. A sturdy yet flexible solution, that catered for the custom shapes needed for tool, and used heavy duty materials needed to withstand the heavy duty environments where the tool is used.

The greatest equipment ideas in the world struggle if they don’t look professional. Our Flexidome Resin Badges are a client favourite for logo branding. Using the best UV stable Urethane resin available in the world together with 3M VHB adhesives. your branding will stay crystal clear for years.

Why choose Graphic Fascias, Decals & Overlays?

  • Fully Customisable
  • Selective UV gloss and matt texture varnishes and finishes
  • Short run rapid prototyping
  • Variable Data Graphics
  • Variety of window finishes

The TopTorque Case Solution

The solution for the case was a two-step approach. The product branding applied was a top-quality Flexidome Resin Badge designed to make the logo stand out, as well as to last the lifetime of the case. The same custom solution that was used on the tool was applied to the information label on the case.

Fascias, decals and overlays are often the only branding opportunity a manufacturer has to make their products stand out against their competitors.

They are a critical component of manufactured goods. Whilst not the most expensive part of a product, they are often the only branding opportunity for a business and typically the ONLY interface point between the end user (your customer) and the functionality of the product. Ensuring it looks good for the life of your product cannot be understated.

Why choose Flexidome Resin Decals?

  • High Quality Branding
  • Variable Data Graphics
  • Complex Shapes, Scripted Lettering
  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Highly Resilient to Scratching


Roofus Tools

Meet the “Roofus”, a groundbreaking measuring and marking tool, and brainchild of Sean Pepper from Roofus Tools.

While primarily designed for roof carpentry by a qualified carpenter Sean Pepper, Founder & Managing Director of Roofus Tools, the Roofus can be used across a number of trades for measuring and marking such as wall framing, carpentry, pipe fitting, metal fabrication, ship building and more. The groundbreaking tool offers three different kinds of measuring features: levelling; angle and distance. These measuring features combined with marking means it can replace up to 10 tools, worth around $450, with a single tool. It also drastically improves efficiency and occupational health and safety, by being able to carry a single device.

The Roofus recently won the Growth and Innovation category of the Western Australia Innovator of the Year Awards 2021, along with a $20,000 prize. Mr Pepper said he intended to use the cash prize for promotional shop displays and marketing expenses.

Sean told us that when came to Sun Industries looking for product branding for the “Roofus”, he saw our Flexidome Resin Badges and thought “Wow! That’s what my company needs to stand out.” So together we designed and produced branded Flexidome Resin Badges promote the Roofus in stores, because a quality product deserves nothing less than top quality product branding.

“From a marketing perspective, I think it’s the best value for money I’ve spent on advertising so far.” said Mr. Pepper. “It’s going to do fabulous things for our business and our shop displays are 10/10.”


The greatest equipment ideas in the world struggle if they don’t look professional. Our Flexidome Resin Badges are a client favourite for logo branding. Using the best UV stable Urethane resin available in the world together with 3M VHB adhesives, your branding will stay crystal clear for years.

Why choose Resin?

  • High Quality Branding
  • Variable Data Graphics
  • Complex Shapes, Scripted Lettering
  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Highly Resilient to Scratching


Electronic & Electrical Solutions

Sun Industries has been pushing the boundaries of locally manufactured industrial print solutions for over 70 years. We are determined to maintain a presence in the Australian market and couldn’t be prouder of the team working out of our Western Australian premises. Using innovation, continual advances in technology and systems improvements we are successfully competing with offshore suppliers by offering better technical support, faster turnaround times, more flexibility and comparative pricing.

This focus has allowed other Australian manufacturers like Zac Soden at Electronic & Electrical Solutions to bring parts of his processes back to Australia instead of offshoring.

Sun Industries worked together with EE Solutions to provide a quality polycarbonate overlay for their Magic Breed Plus System, to be distributed to customers in Australia and New Zealand. The Magic Breed Plus system (pictured) is used to assist in horse foaling, by giving the owners and/or stud operators an alert when the mare prepares to foal. 

“Having local suppliers like Sun available to us is becoming increasingly critical.” said Zac.

“It gives my business more options to present to our customers. Where timeframes are tight or they are looking for features such as variable data and combined artwork production that my offshore suppliers simply can’t meet, Sun Industries can. We enjoy the personal approach and local support. When we ask for urgent or unusual requests we know that we’ll get looked after”. 

An increasing number of manufacturers are looking to bring at least some of the core components of their manufacturing back to Australia, and Sun Industries is here to stay and help this shift. Our vision is to be Australia’s leading branding, compliance and HMI (Human Machine Interface) provider. Having the support of businesses like EE Solutions gives us the confidence to keep investing and innovating.

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