Customer Stories

At Sun, we pride ourselves in the quality of work produced for our clients. What better way to show you this than to share with some examples of this work with you.

So please have a read through our stories, and view some of the results we’ve achieved for companies like yours.


Electronic & Electrical Solutions

Sun Industries has been pushing the boundaries of locally manufactured industrial print solutions for over 70 years. We are determined to maintain a presence in the Australian market and couldn’t be prouder of the team working out of our Western Australian premises. Using innovation, continual advances in technology and systems improvements we are successfully competing with offshore suppliers by offering better technical support, faster turnaround times, more flexibility and comparative pricing.

This focus has allowed other Australian manufacturers like Zac Soden at Electronic & Electrical Solutions to bring parts of his processes back to Australia instead of offshoring.

Sun Industries worked together with EE Solutions to provide a quality polycarbonate overlay for their Magic Breed Plus System, to be distributed to customers in Australia and New Zealand. The Magic Breed Plus system (pictured) is used to assist in horse foaling, by giving the owners and/or stud operators an alert when the mare prepares to foal. 

Having local suppliers like Sun available to us is becoming increasingly critical.” said Zac.

“It gives my business more options to present to our customers. Where timeframes are tight or they are looking for features such as variable data and combined artwork production that my offshore suppliers simply can’t meet, Sun Industries can. We enjoy the personal approach and local support. When we ask for urgent or unusual requests we know that we’ll get looked after”. 

An increasing number of manufacturers are looking to bring at least some of the core components of their manufacturing back to Australia, and Sun Industries is here to stay and help this shift. Our vision is to be Australia’s leading branding, compliance and HMI (Human Machine Interface) provider. Having the support of businesses like EE Solutions gives us the confidence to keep investing and innovating.

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