Label Kits

Our investment into new technology means you can design custom label kits to suit each of your products or services. The benefits range across many business types whether you are meeting compliance requirements or manufacturing products that require multiple labels.


Excellent Economies of Scale

Sun Industries uses a combination of digital and traditional screen print technologies to make sure the labelling solutions for our clients match their needs and the environment they need to survive in.

Examples of industries that can benefit

  • Solar panel installation
  • Motor vehicle gas conversion
  • Switch board and electrical installations
  • Large or small manufacturing assemblies
  • Custom vehicle and marine manufacturing
  • Construction, oil and gas, mining
  • Safety and compliance

Our experience in industrial printing for over 60 years gives us a unique insight into the challenges involved with various applications. If you ever have a problem you’re trying to resolve or a technical question please contact us and we will use this experience to help you.

Label Kits


Combine several labels into a print run to save on printing costs.

Labels supplied in a single sheet for a particular installation.

Unique and variable data can be incorporated – your clients logos, serial numbers, barcodes, part numbers, etc can all be customised to suit a single application, yet you get the price benefits of ordering multiple units.

Kits can be designed for reselling or for your manufacturing process.

A range of materials can be used. Material such as polycarbonate will meet any legal requirements for compliance labeling.

Damage proof, high quality solution
Label Kits

Technical Information

Versatility and Customisation
  • Ideal for use where there are multiple decals required per product
  • An example is a solar panel installation requiring compliance labelling for specific parts on every job
  • Where consistent decals are always required costs can be reduced by up to 60-70% by combining artwork into a set
  • Polyester, Polycarbonate, Solatuf Modified Acrylic in a range of finishes and gauges
  • Unliminted colours and design features including UV Gloss
  • Custom laser cut or die cut
  • Embossing
  • Full range of 3M laminating adhesives
Label Kits


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