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There are many variables to consider when specifying solutions with a high risk factor. Poor looking products due to durability issues will damage your brand and can involve expensive replacement of failed units. Every company needs their products to look good and be functional for their useful life. Sun’s expertise guides you through the process of material, process and cost considerations to ensure you get the most appropriate solution.

Sun Industries has expert knowledge in the limitations of raw materials and wether they are fit for purpose in particular situations. Take advantage of experience when specifying your next product.

New products made easy

Prototyping/Short Runs

The team at Sun Industries are trusted experts in providing the right solution to customers. Supporting new companies and existing businesses looking to expand their products is one of our key functions.

Rapid prototyping is ideal for new product testing and development. It offers an affordable solution that is agile to change if pivots in product features are required.

Sun Industries has the experience and capabilities to supply small batch and prototype designs to any specification and budget. We can print variable data and alternate designs that allow you to test different designs in the market, ensuring you maximise your brand and get the best economies and return on investment.

Short run prototyping can be output in a little as 24 hours. Polyesters from MacDermid Autotype and Tekra are used in conjunction with die cut adhesives such as 3M 467MP making the prototypes durable in any environment. Our investment in digital print technology and laser cutting finishing equipment gives customers the flexibility to trial various shapes and designs without the costly set up and tooling costs traditionally required.

Sun Industries supplies prototypes for it’s full range of HMI user interface solutions including membrane switches; graphic overlays, decals and facias; and variable data requirements.

Contact us today for a quote or some advice on your prototype.

No Matter What

Durability Issues

Climate and environmental conditions in Australia are amongst the harshest in the world. It is no coincidence that Australian made products have a reputation for quality and durability. The design and sales support team at Sun Industries work carefully with all of our customers to ensure the decals, overlays, badges, membranes switches and nameplates we produce are a perfect fit for the particular environment the products are exposed to.

Will your decal be exposed to chemicals, harsh weather conditions, water immersion, sun exposure, direct sun, exposure to high temperatures or perhaps immersed in salt water?

We have a thirst for learning and actively working with customers to solve complex issues that are adversely effecting their product development.

Contact us today to discuss any durability concerns you may have.

Match the right adhesive to your job

Adhesive Issues

Sun Industries is an authorised 3M Converter with access to adhesives not available to other companies. It is critical that the correct adhesive is specified correctly for the substrates being used in manufacture of your products. Issues such as low surface energy coatings, environment and textures can all lead to costly failures. Use Sun Industries technical expertise to guarantee the right specifications.

Most decals and labels are supplied as “self adhesive”, however very little thought is given to the type of adhesive that is needed. If you get this wrong, it’s a disaster.

There are almost as many types of adhesive as there are types of decals and it is important to chose the right one for your situation.

The base material you will be applying your decal to can be rated according to its “surface energy”.

High surface energy materials are the most common and require only a strong bond. 3M 467MP or 468MP would be the most common adhesives used for these materials.

Low surface energy materials are typically found where powder coating or specialty plastics are the base material. These require a more specialized adhesive such as 3M 300LSE (Low Surface Energy) or one of the 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesives.

You may not always want the adhesive to cover the entire decal. There may be LED or LCD windows or buttons that need to be kept adhesive free. This can be achieved in two ways:

  • •A special “diecut” adhesive can be prepared that misses the areas required. These are then hand laminated to each individual decal. It is time consuming and therefore quite expensive.
  • A cheaper alternative is to use a printable adhesive such as the Kiwo D142 screen print adhesive. During the final stages of screen printing the adhesive is laid down similar to a printing ink. It is allowed to cure for a time before having application paper laminated to the rear. These screen print adhesives, if printed properly, can achieve the same adhesion properties as die cut adhesive for significantly less cost.

When planning your next project, take some time to talk adhesives with us. You can avoid disappointments and possibly save yourself money by matching the right adhesive to your job.

Trusted Experts

Certification Requirements

Sun Industries is a trusted expert, providing the correct advice and support to ensure proper certification of your products.

Manufactured products can have a range of legislated certification requirements. These can change across countries and it is important to have the flexibility to adapt to changes in global requirements. Sun Industries is a trusted expert in the supply of compliance nameplates, VIN plates, CE certification and serial number requirements for manufactured equipment across every industry.

Flexibility and Reliability

Inventory Management of your parts

Supply Chain Management has changed significantly over the years. Sun Industries has evolved and adapted to our clients procurement systems so ensure economical, timely and professional delivery of stock critical to the efficiencies of production lines.

With a critical focus on margins, manufacturers around Australia and the world are looking towards increased efficiencies in their supply chain management. Whether your organisation operates under Kaizan, Six Sigma or Lean manufacturing principles Sun Industries has the internal systems and experience to delivery within your requirements.

We offer flexibility with your orders so that production lines are maintained, cash flow is protected and the best possible pricing can be met:

  • Split delivery of orders up to 12 months: Receive quarterly drops of orders that are invoiced on delivery but receive the benefit of volume price breaks.
  • Inventory management of multiple parts: Tracking the available stock with the option of immediate delivery.
  • Variable data management: Consolidation and record keeping of variable data to ensure continuity of repeat orders without duplication/gaps.
  • Guaranteed holding of stock levels: To ensure urgent supply we arrange to hold a minimum quantity of stock that can be delivered within 24 hours.

Get your branding right

Colour Matching

Our investment in world leading equipment and commitment to quality standards within ISO 9001 provide our clients with certainty. Colour matching is critical to the protection of brands and the presentation of products in the market. Sun Industries maintains a stringent colour management system to guarantee colour matching of parts, in some instances for decades.

We enjoy working with all our customers and want to make sure every decal, membrane switch, nameplate and badge we supply makes your product look better than anything else in the market. In many instances our graphics are your only opportunity to create differentiation against your competitors. A grey powder coated is a grey powder coated box after all…so it’s up to us to help you make it stand out.

We can print unlimited bright and vibrant colours for you and at Sun we will ensure this is colour matched perfectly so conformity exists across your company branding.

Matching your colour, is what you’re looking at what you’re going to get?
The challenge for us is to make sure what you’re looking at in your office is what you’re actually going to get. Artwork will look different on each source. Computer monitors, office printers all show colour differently. The material we print on, the finishing that is being applied all changes the end result.

At Sun we can supply you with a colour swatch that will show exactly how the colours will look on your final product. And we guarantee to keep matching the colours for every repeat over the years. We print the colours on your specified stock, record the values and keep one copy on file while the other copy stays with you.

Make sure you take 5 minutes to discuss colour with us, this way one of our specially trained colour technicians can get you the best result.

Testing and Validation

Product Testing

Specification of correct materials is critical to overall performance of your products. Testing the suitability of the final product within the correct environment and user conditions ensures the right materials and processes are selected for your specific needs and budget.

There are a range of products that benefit from extensive testing and validation. Functionality issues combined with durability requirements can often mean that membrane switches and graphic facias become a key point of failure on a product. At Sun Industries we test for these failures at every stage and guarantee our products are fit for purpose in their environment.

  • Membrane Switch Testing:
    • Conductive silver resistance testing within 15% tolerance.
    • Surface Mount LED testing against capacitance requirements.
    • Dome repeatability testing + 1,000,000 actuations
    • Embossed buttons repeatability testing + 10,000 actuations.
  • Nameplate Testing:
    • Accelerated environmental testing – UV
    • Accelerated environmental testing – Abrasion
    • Solvent compatibility
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