Product Testing

Specification of correct materials is critical to overall performance of your products. Testing the suitability of the final product within the correct environment and user conditions ensures the right materials and processes are selected for your specific needs and budget.

Testing and Validation

Security and Assurance

There are a range of products that benefit from extensive testing and validation. Functionality issues combined with durability requirements can often mean that membrane switches and graphic facias become a key point of failure on a product. At Sun Industries we test for these failures at every stage and guarantee our products are fit for purpose in their environment.

  • Membrane Switch Testing:
    • Conductive silver resistance testing within 15% tolerance.
    • Surface Mount LED testing against capacitance requirements.
    • Dome repeatability testing + 1,000,000 actuations
    • Embossed buttons repeatability testing + 10,000 actuations.
  • Nameplate Testing:
    • Accelerated environmental testing – UV
    • Accelerated environmental testing – Abrasion
    • Solvent compatibility
Product Testing

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