Sun Industries is a supplier of high quality Membrane Switches, Graphic Facias, Keypads, Control Panels, Resin Domed Badges, Nameplates, digital prints and EL electroluminescent panels. Get in touch >

We’re experienced

With over 40,000 jobs completed and a history of experience that spans over 50 years, there’s not many questions we get asked that we haven’t solved before. Our printing and production specialists are always on hand to help you with any troubleshooting or advice.

Customer focus

It’s our mission to provide you with product quality and certainty. We assess and communicate the variables and impacts these could have on your end product. We’ll help you scope and specify the best options to ensure your job is a success and meets your short, medium and long-term needs.

Local production excellence

Investment in new equipment means we are producing award-winning quality work with flexibility to turn jobs around as soon as possible. We have the production capacity to meet most demands at the highest quality in our purpose-built production facility in Perth, Western Australia.


Sun Industries was founded in Perth, Western Australia as a dedicated litho printer with a tradition of quality and excellence. This still forms part of the companies activities, however it has looked outwards for new technologies and through innovation has redefined its business to encompass high accuracy screen printing, nameplates, decals, flexible pcb’s and membrane switches, resin domed badging, digital printing, die cutting and embossing of a range of materials including sheet metals and polymer plastics. The company’s experience in the application of these processes for the manufacture of membrane switches and graphic facias has seen it develop strong client bases in all Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania and Darwin Australia wide, New Zealand and nearby Asian regions.

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