In October 2017 the EU’s new regulation no.848/2012 came into effect. It forbids the use of five organic mercury salts commonly used as catalysts in polyurethane resin doming systems in the UK. On the 1st January 2018 a new directive (852/2017) was introduced that also includes Europe.

This mercury restriction affects any Australian businesses who export products to the UK and Europe.

Sun Industries uses 100% MERCURY FREE doming resin.

In addition to the legislative benefits of Mercury Free Doming Resin there are a number of technical benefits. Chemical resistance is increased particularly with isopropyl alcohol and unleaded fuels.

Outdoor resistance is high with badges remaining crystal clear despite extreme temperature variations and high levels of UV exposure. Please contact us if you would like specific lab reports.

The MF631-S resin we supply meets the requirements for a number of multinationals including: Microsoft, Sony, NEC, Nokia, Volvo and SAAB. 

High end resin domed badges are a very effective branding solution for many manufactured products. They lift and highlight logos, are durable in harsh environments

Sun Industries mercury free Flexidomes resin labels are a great branding tool because they are a bright, clean, long lasting and an affordable alternative to an ordinary label.

They look professional, are extremely durable but won’t break the bank! The polyurethane dome will magnify your logo and protect your brand for many years.


  • Mercury Free
  • OEM Automotive Grade Resin
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • No yellowing, fading or cracking
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Custom shapes
  • Fully flexible
  • Durable memory feature
  • Metallic and specialty backgrounds
  • Short-run rapid prototyping
  • Doming can be databased

Suitable Industries/Uses

  • Manufacturing
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Kitchen & home appliances
  • Outdoor appliance & garden tools
  • Sporting goods & accessories
  • Motor vehicle & mechanical
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
  • Computer & electronics
  • Promotional products & giveaways
  • POS beverage & bar
  • UIDs and QR codes