Sun Industries Nameplates

We have superior quality, durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Utilise our versatility of combining adhesives, corners, holes, mounts and more to suit your exact requirements.

VIN & HIN Plates • Serial Number Plates • Australian Builders Plates • Compliance Plates Data Plates • Rating Plates • Test Tallies • ID Tags • Asset Tags • Plaques • Badges • Foil Labels

• The most durable solution available for extreme environments. Certified for 20+ years outdoor.
• Photo imaging technology allows a variable image to be embedded into the anodised layer. Combines incredible durability with versatility.

Anodised and Dyed
• An exceptionally hard wearing solution that encapsulates the dye to ensure long term colour fastness.
• Dye is printed into the pores of the aluminium. It is then sealed so the image becomes part of the anodic layer of the aluminium.

• A perfect solution for medium to harsh environments.
• High quality ink is printed and then oven stoved to bake the ink onto any metal surface.
• An affordable option that provides high durability for most requirements.

• Thin aluminium to allow for manual marking and fixing to curved surfaces.
• Can be anodised and dyed, or lithoprinted depending on the solution required. A variety of adhesives are used to ensure a long lasting bond.

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