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Getting Brilliant Colours for Your Brand standard

We enjoy working with all our customers and want to make sure every decal, membrane switch, nameplate and badge we supply makes your product look better than anything else in the market. In many instances our graphics are your only opportunity to create differentiation against your competitors. A grey powder coated is a grey powder coated box after all…so it’s up to us to help you make it stand out. With investment in new technologies we can print unlimited bright and vibrant colours for you. You no longer need to worry about the cost of adding an extra colour and this gives graphic designers incredible scope to work with your products. With these advantages comes the challenges of colour management ...

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Metal Nameplate Choices – Litho Printing vs Anodised Nameplates standard

Nameplates are an essential component for nearly every manufacturer. From branding to compliance requirements a quality nameplate can be one of the most important components of your product. Despite being one of the smallest. You can save up to 45% in costs by choosing a lithoprinted metal nameplate over an anodised and dyed plate. But what’s the difference? Anodised and dyed nameplates encapsulate the dye into the anodic pores of the aluminium. So it’s difficult for chemicals and scratches to damage the print. Lithoprinted nameplates use an extremely durable ink that is printed onto the surface of the nameplate and then oven stoved to cure the ink and create an incredibly tough bond between ink and metal. Comparative pricing: 1000 x one colour 60mm x 30mm on ...

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What makes our flexidomes so good? standard

Domed resin coated labels are 3D labels created by coating the surface of the label with resin for a high gloss, quality and eye catching finish. Sun Industries Flexidomes are a great branding tool because they are a bright, clean and attractive alternative to an ordinary label. They look professional, are extremely durable but won’t break the bank! Features: UV and Weather Resistant State of the art resin Custom shaped Fully flexible No yellowing or fading Durable memory feature Metallic, vinyl, high-adhesion options Short-run rapid prototyping Our Flexidomes are not the only resin coated labels on the market and we’ve spent a number of years perfecting our Flexidome Resin Domed Badge technology. You will be surprised at how different the quality can ...

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