Compliance Nameplates – VIN/HIN

Our range of Nameplates are perfectly suited to your performance or budget requirements. We have various process that are suited to affordability and have superior durability and are resistant to harsh conditions. Customised Nameplates are perfect for applications where important information – such as safety, ratings or branding – need to remain clearly legible over a long period of time. We offer a choice of solutions based on budget and environmental considerations and the ability to combine adhesives, corners, holes, mounts and more.


Durable Identification and Information

Sun Industries compliance plates have superior quality, durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Using either a Lithoprint/Stoving process or Anodised/Dyed process we can produce VIN, HIN and compliance plates that meet every manufacturers requirements.

Lithoprinted Compliance Plates are produced using a high quality ink that is stoved after printing. This creates an enamelling of the ink against the substrate that is exceptionally durable while also economical. Sun Industries is the only company in Australia supplying the method of nameplate having utilised the equipment since commencing in 1950.

Anodised and Dyed Plates encapsulate the ink withing the anodic pores of aluminium sheet. This is the most durable solution and is a more expensive option than Lithoprinted Plates. These nameplates are suitable in extremely harsh environments with abrasion, extreme conditions and solvents are used such as marine, military and mining.

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Compliance Nameplates


Range of processes and materials to suit environment and budget

Quick turnaround times and option for stock management for next day delivery

Artwork and design services to assist

Volume based pricing for high quantities and split deliveries

Full range of standard and custom colours
Compliance Nameplates

Technical Information

  • • The most durable solution available for extreme environments. Certified for 20+ years outdoor.
  • Photo imaging technology allows a variable image to be embedded into the anodised layer. Combines incredible durability with versatility.
Anodised & Dyed
  • An exceptionally hard wearing solution that encapsulates the dye to ensure long term colour fastness.
  • Dye is printed into the pores of the aluminium. It is then sealed so the image becomes part of the anodic layer of the aluminium
  • A perfect solution for medium to harsh environments.
  • High quality ink is printed and then oven stoved to bake the ink onto any metal surface.
  • An affordable option that provides high durability for most requirements.
  • Thin aluminium to allow for manual marking and fixing to curved surfaces.
  • Can be anodised and dyed, or lithoprinted depending on the solution required. A variety of adhesives are used to ensure a long lasting bond.
  • VIN Plates
  • HIN Plates
  • Serial Number Plates
  • Australian Builders Plates
  • Compliance Plates
  • Data Plates
  • Rating Plates
  • Test Plates
  • Legend Plates
  • Service Plates
  • Safety Plates
  • Certification Plates
  • Vehicle Modification Plates
  • Test Tallies
  • ID Tags
  • Asset Tags
  • Metal Tags
  • Plaques
  • Badges
  • Foil Labels
  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Full range of metals & thicknesses
  • Router and laser cut
  • Spun, brushed and etched finishes
  • Radius corners
  • Full tooling options
  • Adhesive options
  • Short run rapid prototyping
  • Serial Numbering & Barcoding
  • Variable Data
Compliance Nameplates


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