Inventory Management

Supply Chain Management has changed significantly over the years. Sun Industries has evolved and adapted to our clients procurement systems so ensure economical, timely and professional delivery of stock critical to the efficiencies of production lines.

Flexibility and Reliability

Inventory Management

With a critical focus on margins, manufacturers around Australia and the world are looking towards increased efficiencies in their supply chain management. Whether your organisation operates under Kaizan, Six Sigma or Lean manufacturing principles Sun Industries has the internal systems and experience to delivery within your requirements.

We offer flexibility with your orders so that production lines are maintained, cash flow is protected and the best possible pricing can be met:

  • Split delivery of orders up to 12 months: Receive quarterly drops of orders that are invoiced on delivery but receive the benefit of volume price breaks.
  • Inventory management of multiple parts: Tracking the available stock with the option of immediate delivery.
  • Variable data management: Consolidation and record keeping of variable data to ensure continuity of repeat orders without duplication/gaps.
  • Guaranteed holding of stock levels: To ensure urgent supply we arrange to hold a minimum quantity of stock that can be delivered within 24 hours.

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