Flexible Printed Electronics

Sun Industries supplies flexible printed electronics and circuits (FPC’s) to manufacturers throughout Australia. Polyimide substrates have higher tolerances to heat and electrical current allowing applications in harsh environments and where specific output requirements need to met. Dynamic flexing reliability is also considerably improved


Compact and Durable

FPC’s provide a high end solution to flexible circuit requirements. They have higher tolerances to electrical current loads and spikes compared to conductive silver membrane circuits. They are also more durable to flexing and harsh environments. Being thinner at 0.05mm to 0.10mm they provide more versatility for complex components.

Flexible Printed Electronics


Production Quantities Price Efficient

Short Run Prototyping Available

Adaptable Design Options to Technical Issues.

Flexing and High Voltage Tolerance

Combine with Graphic Layer for Excellent Switch Solutions
Flexible Printed Electronics

Technical Information

Choices to Consider
  • Copper is the most common cicuit however gold and nickel can also be specified depending on application.
  • Match high quality of FPC’s with high quality accessories – Autotex XE and Stainless Steel Star Domes etc.
  • Multi layer circuits needs special consideration as to insulator and base layer materials.
  • Shapes can be customises to high degree. Use this to take advantage of design options.
  • Stiffeners at connection points allow for durable flexing over time.
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Continuously flexible for dynamic applications
  • High electrical specifications
  • Multi layer options for complex designs.
Standard Specification
  • Single Layer 70um, Double Layer 100um, Up to 6 Layer 250um
  • Cover Layer – Polyimide, Solder Resist
  • Surface Finish – Ni-AI plating, Solder plating, Lead Free option available
  • Line Spacing – 60-100um
Flexible Printed Electronics


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