Colour Matching

Our investment in world leading equipment and commitment to quality standards within ISO 9001 provide our clients with certainty. Colour matching is critical to the protection of brands and the presentation of products in the market. Sun Industries maintains a stringent colour management system to guarantee colour matching of parts, in some instances for decades.

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Colour Matching

We enjoy working with all our customers and want to make sure every decal, membrane switch, nameplate and badge we supply makes your product look better than anything else in the market. In many instances our graphics are your only opportunity to create differentiation against your competitors. A grey powder coated is a grey powder coated box after all…so it’s up to us to help you make it stand out.

We can print unlimited bright and vibrant colours for you and at Sun we will ensure this is colour matched perfectly so conformity exists across your company branding.

Matching your colour, is what you’re looking at what you’re going to get?
The challenge for us is to make sure what you’re looking at in your office is what you’re actually going to get. Artwork will look different on each source. Computer monitors, office printers all show colour differently. The material we print on, the finishing that is being applied all changes the end result.

At Sun we can supply you with a colour swatch that will show exactly how the colours will look on your final product. And we guarantee to keep matching the colours for every repeat over the years. We print the colours on your specified stock, record the values and keep one copy on file while the other copy stays with you.

Make sure you take 5 minutes to discuss colour with us, this way one of our specially trained colour technicians can get you the best result.

Colour Matching

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