Safety Signs

Safety signs are a crucial compliance requirement in any work environment. Sun Industries has the experience and capabilities to produce the full range of safety based signage that meets all ISO and ANSI Z535 standards requirements.



The primary importance of displaying Safety Signs is to prevent injury and ensure staff and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments. Without signs, many employees would lack the necessary direction in times of crisis, and employers might find themselves in significant legal difficulties if any accidents were to arise as a result.

  • Mandatory Signs
  • Prohibition Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Fire Signs
  • Energy Information Signs
  • Danger Signs
  • General Information signs

As Sun we specialise in premier quality and compliant safety signs to meet the Australian Standards AS 1319:1994.

Safety Signs


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Customise artwork to suit your business environment

Multiple colour and design options
Safety Signs

Technical Information

Regulate and Control Safety Behaviour
  • Mandatory Signs: Specify specific instructions that must be carried out. (White on blue with black text)
  • Prohibition Signs: Specify behaviour or actions which are not permitted. (Red on black with white background and  black text)
  • Warning Signs: Warn of hazards not likely life threatening. (Black on yellow with yellow background and black text)
  • Fire Signs: Advise the location of fire alarms and equipment. (White symbol on red background with white text)
  • Emergency Information Signs: Indicate the location of and direction to emergency facilities. (White symbol on green background with white text)
  • Danger Signs: Provide a warning when a hazard is likely to be life threatening. (“Danger” in white on red oval with black background. Black text on white background below)
Safety Signs


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