Our History

Sun Industries was founded in Perth, Western Australia as a dedicated litho printer with a tradition of quality and excellence. This still forms part of the companies activities, however it has looked outwards for new technologies and through innovation has redefined its business to encompass high accuracy screen printing, nameplates, decals, flexible pcb’s and membrane switches, resin domed badging, digital printing, die cutting and embossing of a range of materials including sheet metals and polymer plastics. See how far we’ve come since we first opened the doors for business in 1950.

  • Original Receipt

    Sun Industries Established 1950

  • Sun’s original building

    Sun’s original building

  • Sun Nameplates

    Tradeshows The Old Fashioned Way…

  • Aluminium foil laminating

    Aluminium foil laminating

  • Old Printing Machine

    Original Nameplate Manufacturing

  • Sun Industries

    Lithoprinting processes still utilised today

  • Power Press Tooling

    Power Press Tooling

  • Power Press Setup

    Power Press Setup

  • Nameplates

    Quality Control and Print Analysis

  • Printing Machine

    Auminium Foil Laminating

  • Printing

    Exposing Images Onto Silk Screen Frames

  • Labels

    Membrane Switch Assembly

  • Industrial Printing

    Lithoprinted Nameplate Stoving

  • Printing Machine

    Jumbo Power Press

  • Printing Services

    Nameplate Cornering and Punching

  • Sun Industries Printing Office

    Punching and finishing

  • Industrial Printing Company

    Arti Tomuli printing – worked with us till 2018

  • Nameplates Printing

    Early Membrane Switch Testing

  • Sun Industries Printing Office

    Toolsetting and Die Making

  • Screen Printing

    Membrane Switch Screen Printing

  • Printing Services Company

    1980’s production fashion…

  • Sun Industries Tradeshow

    1980’s Tradeshow Fashion…

  • Printing Services

    Membrane Switch Assembly

  • Die Cutting

    Kick Punching Using Purpose Built Tools

  • Printing Company

    Screen printing investment continues

  • John Stoneham’s First Year

  • Product Brand Printing

    Digital print R&D commences

  • Sun Industries Office

    Sun moves into purpose built premises

  • Resin Machine

    Sun purchases scripted resin machine

  • Printing Solutions

    Constant R&D

  • Screen Printing

    Traditional technologies still relevant

  • Sun Industries Team

    Our 2019 Team

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