Graphic Fascias, Decals and Overlays

Graphic panels, fascias, overlays and decals provide a damage proof, high quality solution to your labelling requirements. Using sub-surface screen print and digital technologies they can be enhanced through embossing, die cut to shapes and laminated with adhesives styles to suit your particular application. Multiple features and finishes are available and can be fully customised to ensure the correct solution for your application.

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High Quality Labelling Requirements

Fascias, decals and overlays are often the only branding opportunity a manufacturer has to make their products stand out against their competitors. 

They are a critical component of manufactured goods. Whilst not the most expensive part of a product, they are often the only branding opportunity for a business and typically the ONLY interface point between the end user (your customer) and the functionality of the product. Ensuring it looks good for the life of your product cannot be understated.

We supply the highest quality solutions with tolerances +/- 0.2mm to provide a durable and attractive solution that aids in interface, branding and compliance requirements of your products. Features such as selective gloss, doming, metallics, embossing and variable data can all be incorporated to give products the features required to look and perform their best.

Graphic Fascias, Decals & Overlays


Fully Customisable

Selective UV gloss and matt texture varnishes and finishes

Short run rapid prototyping

Variable Data Graphics

Variety of window finishes

Trans Windows

Embossed, debossed, dier cut and laser cut

Variety of window finishes

Dead Fronts
Graphic Fascias, Decals & Overlays

Technical Information

Variety and Functionality
  • Polyester, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Mylar, Vinyl
  • Textured finishes to suit application
  • Specialised materials for extreme environments
  • Fully customisable
  • Variable data graphics
  • Embossed, debossed, die cut and laser cut
  • Selective UV gloss and matt texture varnishes and finishes
  • Variety of window finishes
  • Short run rapid prototyping
Quality and Certainty.

Manufacturers require certainty of supply to ensure production lines are not hindered. Sun Industries works with multi national companies across many industry sectors and understands how critical product quality and supply certainty is.

Using ISO9001 standards together with proprietary ERP systems we guarantee supply chain management and support customers with inventory management and stock controls.

Quality and Durability

The technical aspects:

  • Subsurface screen printing using solvent inks that chemically etch to substrates and resist and delamination risks.
  • Spot colour screen printing to ensure brightest, clearest and most consistent print quality for high end products.
  • Digital print options to apply variable data used in combination with screen print process provides all the benefits of screen print with the versatility and affordability of digital.
  • Variable data for serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes.
  • Alternative artwork for end user customisation.
  • Laser cutting for technical and short run requirements.
  • Knife-die cutting for efficient and consistently accurate shapes.
  • Embossing and de-bossing for tactile response.
  • Wide range of materials and adhesives to suit environmental requirements.
  • Spacer adhesives for functionality.
Creativity to Stand Out
  • Selective Gloss on surfaces and over buttons.
  • Water clear LED and LCD windows.
  • Embossed buttons, LED windows and buttons.
  • Selective resin doming
  • Unlimited digital colours
  • Raised and tactile print
  • Dead fronts
  • Translucent windows
  • Extreme and harsh environment solutions
Decal Facias Breakdown of MAterials

Fascias, decals and overlays are often the only branding opportunity a manufacturer has to make their products stand out against their competitors. 

Graphic Fascias, Decals & Overlays


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