Silicon Keypads

Silicone Keypads provide exceptional life cycle results for applications requiring millions of actuations. Sun Industries sources and supplies a wide variety of keypads to national and multi national equipment manufacturers.


Hard Wearing Solutions for Sophisticated Products

Silicone Keypads meet the HMI (Human Machine Interface) requirements for equipment constantly requiring manual input. Produced to withstand in excess of 10 million actuations during the products life the keypads can be produced with a number of features that aides their functionality and provides aesthetic benefits that assist in product branding and presentation to the market.

  • Multi Colouring to highlight features
  • Epoxy Coating to aid wear resistance
  • Wear Resistant material options to increase life
  • Thermoforming to allow features such as polycarbonate and polyester to be utilise
  • Plastic Keycaps provide a stronger tactile feel
Silicon Keypads


Affordable large volume product

Durable and long lasting in harsh environments

Design features to improve product branding

Variety of features to meet specific mechanical requirements

Multiple colour and design enhancement options
Silicon Keypads

Technical Information

Basic Key Design
  • Individual Keys:
    • P/R Keytops – clear plastic keytops adhered to the keymat base material
    • L/C Keytops – laser etched marking
    • E/R Keytops – epoxy coated deposited on top surface to cover printing
    • Ink Coating – full coverage of keypad top surface
  • Snap Ratio Considerations:
    • F1: Actuation Force
    • F2: Contact Force
    • FR: Minimum Return Force
    • FD: Drop Force
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Swicth Life Considerations
    • Material Hardness
    • Snap Ratio
    • Stroke Length
  • Minimum Key Height
  • Contacts
  • IP66 Water Proof Ratings
Extensive Applications in Industrial and Consumer Electronics
  • Security keypads
  • Roller door activators
  • Remote control keypads
  • Electronics interface
  • Membrane switch overlays
  • Control panel actuators
  • TV remote controls
  • Electronic toys and games
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Medical, marine and military applications
Silicon Keypads


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