QR Codes

QR codes are quickly becoming a staple business tool for restaurants and organisations across the world. Whether you’re looking to produce table trackers for restaurant menu ordering functions, or to assist with Coronavirus specific application for check-in and contact tracing, Sun Industries can direct you towards the most suitable solution.


QR Codes - Here to Stay

QR codes were invented by a Japanese engineer in 1994 who created them for tracking inventory of car parts, and they have been used for multiple marketing and advertising purposes since then. The onset of Coronavirus saw them become a staple in businesses and restaurants and experts believe they are here to stay.

QR Codes can be incorporated into table number decals, nameplates and badges through digitally printing or laser etching permanent markings onto the substrate being used.  Also ideal for asset management and compliance, this specific type of variable data can also be used for custom branding of your clients unique requirements.

  • Specific hospitality applications for table trackers.
  • Customise production runs to specific client requirements.
  • Unlimited artwork and colours at little to no extra cost.
  • Suitable for metal, polyester/polycarbonate and vinyl applications.
  • Able to used in all environments from harsh outdoor to economical indoor/short term.

“Restaurants have replaced physical menus with QR codes, a change that many in the industry believe is likely permanent.” – Source: CNBC.com

QR Codes


Menu Ordering

Coronavirus Check In and Compliancy

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
QR Codes

Technical Information

Materials and Options
  • Acrylic is a hard plastic that comes in a variety of thickness.
  • Its feature is that we can laser cut it into any shape and it has a beautiful flame edged finish to it.
  • The print is “subsurface” so it’s under the acrylic making it a very durable option.
  • OEM Grade 2 Part Resin will not fade, discolour or crack over time.
  • UV stable and specifically made for Automotive and Marine applications.
  • Homogenous polymerisation – Creates excellent bond with no shrinkage
  • Mercury Free – Meets RoHS Guidelines
  • Able to form complex shapes – scripted lettering, logos, selective sections on products.
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