Backlighting is often required to meet safety requirements in high risk applications. Sun Industries provides a range of solutions to this issue after considering your specific circumstances. Typically optic fibre or electroluminescence backlighting are able to meet these needs, however it is important to carefully consider these through a full specification process.


Product Illumination to Meet Standards

There are a number of options for backlighting flat panel membrane switches and overlays. LED Diffusion, Optic Fibre and EL Electroluminescence. Technical specification of each application should be assessed prior to selecting one option over another. The Sun Industries team has the experience to guide you through this process.



Price Advantages of Each Type

Lasts Life of Product

Flexible Design Options

Inventory Management for Repeat Orders

Multi Colours Available

Technical Information

Features to Lift Your Product
  • Coloured Translucent Windows.
  • Deadfront Windows that show only when illumination is on.
  • Power through drivers, PCB or independent power supply.
  • Option for adjustable illumination levels.
  • Embossing of illuminated sections
Key Benefits
  • Product development simplified with streamlined lighting design
  • Powered by single LED
  • Does not generate heat
  • Very thin application with design flexibility
  • 100k+ hours life span
  • Easy to incorporate into product
  • Initial set up costs reasonable and unit costs static to suit smaller runs
Key Information
  • EL incorporates a Phosphor ink emit light from a capacitive driver
  • Very low power consumption
  • Good consistently of light with no hot/cold spots
  • Very thin and able to be customised to complex shapes
  • Flexible for harsh environments
  • Examples of it’s application include aircraft and marine panels and interfaces
  • Affordable option for large volume applications – 200+ Units
Key Information
  • Can be incorporated into Membrane Switches or underneath a standard Overlay
  • Transluscent windows can vary light levels depending on requirements
  • Deadfronts and trans white prints conceal the LED’s from view
  • Specific finishes can allow the light to diffuse or only illuminate specific sections
  • Diffusers are incorporated to spread light evenly
  • Multi colour LED’s allow for specific information to be
  • Embossing of top layer to creates space for LED’s in thin applications


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