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Nameplates and Tags

Metal nameplates and tags provide exceptionally durable solutions to compliance and branding requirements. Sun Industries has a range of solutions to suit both environmental and economical considerations.


Multiple Options to Suit Your Demands

Nameplates and tags utilise a variety of processes and raw materials depending on requirements. Whether durability or affordability are the key focus, Sun Industries can produce products that meet your specific needs. Features such as corners, adhesives, holes, embossing and mounts can be incorporated to ensure the best possible solution.

  • Foils – provide an economical and versatile solution utilising various methods depending on requirements.
  • Lithoprinted Nameplates and Tags  – Exclusive to Sun Industries this process provides excellent value for money. High quality is printed and then oven stoved to bake the ink onto any metal surface. 30-50% cheaper than anodised and dyed plates.
  • Anodised and Dyed Nameplates and Tags – An exceptionally hard wearing solution that encapsulates the ink into the anodic pores of the aluminium ensuring long term durability. Ideal for harsh environments such as marine and mining oil/gas.
  • METALPHOTO – Certified for 20+ years outdoors this is Sun Industries most durable solution. Photo imaging technology allows a variable image to be embedded into the anodic layer. Variable barcoding, QR codes and serial numbers are all features.
Nameplates and Tags


Range of options to suit every budget

Quick turnaround times with laser etching

Multiple features including adhesives, holes and corners

Volume based pricing structure with excellent economies at high numbers

Multiple colour options including custom
Nameplates and Tags

Technical Information

Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight aluminium either Anodised and Dyed, or Lithoprinted
  • Can be easily marked with ballpoint pen or stamps for record keeping
  • Rounded or square corners
  • Variety of adhesive options depending on environment
Versatile and Affordable
  • Range of gauges and metals:
    • .5mm to 2mm
    • 304 & 316 Stainless Stell
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Colourbond
  • 30-50% cheaper than anodised aluminium
  • Stoved ink is enamelled to surface of the selected metal creating a durable bond suitable for outdoor use.
  • Rounded corners or square
  • Holes and slots
  • Custom laser cut shapes
  • Full range of 3M adhesives
Quality and Durability
  • 0.5mm to 1mm Mill Finished Aluminium
  • Anodic pores encapsulate ink creating exceptionally durable finishes
  • Anodised aluminium has a unique finish that enhances product branding
  • Does not deteriorate, become cloudy or dusty over time.
  • Round or square corners
  • Holes and slots
  • Laser cut to custom shapes
  • Full range of 3M adhesives
Industrial ID Products
  • 0.08 Foil, 0.13mm, 0.20mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm Satin and Matt Finishes
  • Exceptionally durable with a 20+ year warranty
  • Variable data idea for asset identification
  • Weather and chemical proof anodised aluminium
  • Heat and scratch resistant designed for tough environments
  • Asset Labelling
  • Industrial Branding
  • Sign Systems
  • Botanic Labels
Permanent Marking for Short Runs and Variable Data
  • Black/Grey permanent marking of aluminium and stainless steel
  • QR Codes, Serial No’s, Barcodes and any variable data
  • Short run jobs – 1-2 units
  • Full range of finishing options:
    • Rounded corners
    • Holes and slots
    • Custom laser cut to shape
    • Full range of 3M adhesive
Nameplates and Tags


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