Capacitive Switch Solutions

Capacitive Switch solutions provide a versatile and affordable switching solution for many applications. The processes ensure quick supply of a durable and weather resistant product suited for indoor and outdoor manufactured products.

Interface options such as buttons, sliders and rotators can be incorporated into the units provide the end user with up to date interaction solutions. Combine LED’s and LCD windows to complement the switch allowing full functionality of the product.


Robust and Reliable

Capacitive switches can be made from durable glass, hardcoat acrylic or polyesters up to 8mm thick. The unit is completely sealed from harsh environments and is vandal resistant.

A variety of controllers can be incorporated to sense any range of functions such as noise, power and proximity.

Capacitive Switch


Affordable Option for Kiosks

Quick Turnaround and Repeatability

Full Range of Design Options

Suited to Robust Environments

Excellent Branding Opportunity
Capacitive Switch

Technical Information

Technical Details
  • Top Layer:
    • Glass
    • Hardcoat Acrylic
    • Polyester
    • Polycarbonate
  • Tamper and Vandal Proof Options
  • Integrated Back Lighting Options
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Button, Slider and Rotator Interfaces
Cross Industry Solutions
  • Consumer Electronics 
    • ATM Machines
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Home Automated Equipment
    • Printers
    • Set Top Boxes
    • Smart Speakers
  • Industrial
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Generators
    • Hand Held Devices
    • Scales
    • Fluid Detection
    • Waterproof Applications
    • Power Supplies
    • Routers and Switches
  • Defence
    • Aviation Controls
    • Communications Systems
    • Targeting Sytems
  • Medical 
    • Defibrilators
    • Disposable Sensors
    • Disposable Equipment
    • EKG Leads
    • Glucose Meters
    • Patient Monitors
    • Portable Oxygen Units
    • Electronic Sensors
Versatility in Design
  • Backlighting and tactile feedback
  • Rigid or flexible substrate options
  • Capacitance sensors to activate without touch
  • Long life solutions incorporating polymer coated conductive materials
  • Up to IP67 Environmental Protection
  • Glass, metal and enamel substrates to suit requirements
Capacitive Switch


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