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Special Print Solutions from Sun Industries standard

Almos Puck Decals BACKGROUND Almos Technologies design and produce Loc8 Pucks for the hospitality industry with this unique solution being supplied to some of Australia’s largest fast food providers. When placed on a table, Loc8 sends the location to any connected tablet where it appears over a map of the restaurant. The wait staff can locate the patron’s table by simply glancing at the map. Almos required decals for the Pucks to be customised for each client with individual numbering and branding, with the flexibility of long or short print runs. SOLUTIONS Our Hybrid print technology combines traditional screen-printing with the flexibility of digital printing, allowing us to rapidly produce any number of variations to Almos’s designs. Fast turnaround – Supplied ...

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Sun Industries new industrial print solutions increase Manufacturers’ choices standard

INTRODUCING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL PRINT – THE OPTIONS ARE BETTER THAN EVER. Four years of R&D has led to Sun Industries redefining what is possible for labelling, marking and HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions in the manufacturing and branding industries. What was once cost prohibitive or simply impossible to create is not only achievable now, but more affordable. It’s an exciting new world for businesses that care about their presentation and brand in the market place. Hybrid printing solutions have opened all new opportunities for industrial designers, marketers, manufacturers, resellers and anyone looking to brand or detail information onto a product. Why is the Hybrid decal better than the old approach? Cost Savings without compromising Quality High quality, ultra durable ...

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