Almos Puck Decals


Almos Technologies design and produce Loc8 Pucks for the hospitality industry with this unique solution being supplied to some of Australia’s largest fast food providers. When placed on a table, Loc8 sends the location to any connected tablet where it appears over a map of the restaurant. The wait staff can locate the patron’s table by simply glancing at the map. Almos required decals for the Pucks to be customised for each client with individual numbering and branding, with the flexibility of long or short print runs.



Our Hybrid print technology combines traditional screen-printing with the flexibility of digital printing, allowing us to rapidly produce any number of variations to Almos’s designs.

  • Fast turnaround – Supplied in 2-3 days in June 2015
  • Cost effective – Combined different clients to achieve price breaks
  • Unlimited colours and gradients – Costed at the same price as a 3 colour job with flood
  • Variable data – Individually numbered for each venue
  • Customisation – One client required an additional table decal. We included it for only a small extra cost.

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Coherent Solutions – Short Runs, Complex Variables


Coherent Solutions are product development specialists designing and manufacturing coherent optical communication equipment for R&D Engineers. High quality decals were requested to pair with their top end electronic equipment. Coherent Solutions required very short runs with frequent variations, without sacrificing quality or needing to order thousands of decals as a minimum order that would go unused.



Hybrid digital print combined with laser cutting means Coherent Solutions can order very short runs of high quality, customised decals on demand.

  • Order on demand – Our MIS system keeps records of the smallest variations to ensure no mistakes.
  • High quality – Fully industrial solution provided to ensure the clients product still looked new after years of use.
  • Cost effective short-run printing – Combinations of different decals selected each month and combined for economies of scale.
  • Combine digital print with laser cutting – High end laser cutting that allows the client to change hole positions with each job run.
  • Fully customised – Easily change artwork for specific circumstances.

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MPower – Decal Sets


MPower are a wholesaler to the solar installation market with a long history in engineering, controlling every aspect from R&D through to design, manufacture and installation. Installations require compulsory labelling of certain components, and these labels are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Previously, these had been produced as engraved labels, but MPower were looking for a more cost effective solution that was still weatherproof – engraving has no economy of scale and can be expensive.



Sun Industries solved this problem with polycarbonate labels. Printed as a set and individually cut and packaged ready for immediate ongoing sale, the polycarbonate labels are more durable than the previous engraved labels, are more cost effective and easier to handle and store.

  • Combine several labels into a print run
  • Labels supplied in a single sheet for a particular installation
  • Unique and variable data (logos, serial numbers, parts etc)
  • Durable polycarbonate will meet legal labelling compliance
  • A range of materials can be used

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