Four years of R&D has led to Sun Industries redefining what is possible for labelling, marking and HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions in the manufacturing and branding industries. What was once cost prohibitive or simply impossible to create is not only achievable now, but more affordable. It’s an exciting new world for businesses that care about their presentation and brand in the market place.

Hybrid printing solutions have opened all new opportunities for industrial designers, marketers, manufacturers, resellers and anyone looking to brand or detail information onto a product.


Why is the Hybrid decal better than the old approach?

Cost Savings without compromising Quality

  • High quality, ultra durable finishes of industrial printed products with the added benefits of digital technology
  • Unlimited colours can be used with no increase in the overall price.
  • Variable data can be incorporated. Alternate logos, descriptions, part numbers, serial numbers, barcodes can all be added easily.
  • Label Sets have become increasingly popular. Clients are able to combine a number of parts for considerable cost savings.
  • Very short run work can be completed affordably and jobs can be grouped to achieve further savings.

Variety and Design

  • Colours and text can change at no cost. Logos and information can vary for any quantities.
  • Sun Industries propriety processes and preparation of materials ensures a consistent and high quality bond between substrate, ink and adhesive. A result that is very difficult to achieve.
  • Digital print technology allows designs features that were simply impossible to screen print. Combination colours, translucent windows, vignettes, fades and small detail are just an example of what is now achievable.


“This is an excellent example of an industrial printed decal that was previously impossible using traditional screen printed methods. The colour combinations of the logo are all achieved during a single pass making it not only a better looking solution but also a cheaper option than a screen printed decal. The limits are now up to the imagination of your designers.”


How does this help me?

Your business is now free to quickly and easily make changes to keep up with the market. Typically, the branding and labelling of a product was a long term commitment and if it wasn’t done right first time, the company’s marketing would suffer as a result. Now, you have the ability to brand differently for different global markets; you can customise to incorporate a clients logo; add barcodes and serial numbers to track products; combine quantities to get better price breaks.

All this and more can be done quickly and affordably without any of the challenges of the past.

  • More variety for your labelling and branding solutions.
  • Same high quality materials and finishes. Polycarbonates, polyesters, aluminium and stainless can all be used.
  • Better economies of scale to create and then change solutions to suit a changing market.
  • More design options to make your branding stand out.
  • Price reductions for multiple colour work.
  • Flexibility to meet particular clients’ needs.
  • Label sets to combine labels for standard parts, creating considerable cost savings.
  • Print features for your designers to work with that your competitors haven’t used.

 price comparison

How does it work?

Sun Industries has always invested heavily in research and development. It’s part of our 62 year old legacy. The solutions are provided using proprietary preparation and printing processes that we guarantee. There is no compromise to the durability of our final solutions and by using laser cutting technology we can offset tooling and die costs to make solutions even more affordable.

  • Comprehensive R&D to determine the best digital equipment, ink, substrates, preparation and processing of industrial print solutions.
  • Ongoing work with clients and industrial designers willing to test the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Consolidation of processes to ensure quality controls are locked in.
  • Full production workflows for the range of options and techniques available.
  • Ongoing testing of substrates – polycarbonates, polyesters, PETG, acrylic films to measure their performance in a range of environments.

What are the product options?


  • Sun Industries’ Hybrid printing solutions have introduced all new possibilities for industrial printing.
  • The digital approach is a better option for cost savings, variety of colours, text and logos, advanced design features and flexibility of quantities and print runs.
  • You can benefit through price reductions, variety in design, fast turnarounds and flexibility – all with the same high quality materials and finishes.

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