Domed resin coated labels are 3D labels created by coating the surface of the label with resin for a high gloss, quality and eye catching finish.

Sun Industries Flexidomes are a great branding tool because they are a bright, clean and attractive alternative to an ordinary label. They look professional, are extremely durable but won’t break the bank!


  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • State of the art resin
  • Custom shaped
  • Fully flexible
  • No yellowing or fading
  • Durable memory feature
  • Metallic, vinyl, high-adhesion options
  • Short-run rapid prototyping

Our Flexidomes are not the only resin coated labels on the market and we’ve spent a number of years perfecting our Flexidome Resin Domed Badge technology.

You will be surprised at how different the quality can be from different suppliers. So before making the choice let’s discover a little about what goes into making them..

Method 1 – The good way. Our way.

We use a two-pack resin and catalyst system that is OEM rated with a number of car manufacturers including SAAB.
This method is well suited to all applications however there are variations in the quality of resin used in the Australian market.  Our technical datasheets can be viewed here.

Method 2 – The budget option.

This option uses a type of resin that is sensitive to Ultra Violet light. When exposed to a UV curing lamp the resin sets. However the resin will continue to set, harden and change colour over time. Particularly when used in outdoor environments. It works very well for short term, indoor applications such as name tags, but if you are looking to brand your product and have it look good for years we don’t advise using this solution.

Sun Industries “Flexidome” labels are made using top of the range automotive grade imported 2 pack resin from Demak in Italy.

Our Flexidomes will remain clear and bright after years of outdoor use.  The resin is UV resistant, highly resilient to scratching and dents and is flexible, so your Flexidome will stay stuck to it’s surface and retain it’s quality look.

View our resin comparison guide here and for a test on how Flexidome resin doming will improve your current labels, send us a sample of your existing labels and Sun Industries will prototype a FREE Flexidome badge for you.