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Superior Quality

Sun Industries Nameplates

We have superior quality, durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Utilise our versatility of combining adhesives, corners, holes, mounts and more to suit your exact requirements.

VIN & HIN Plates • Serial Number Plates • Australian Builders Plates • Compliance Plates Data Plates • Rating Plates • Test Tallies • ID Tags • Asset Tags • Plaques • Badges • Foil Labels.


  • The most durable solution available for extreme environments.
  • Certified for 20+ years outdoor.
  • Photo imaging technology allows a variable image to be embedded into the anodised layer.
  • Combines incredible durability with versatility.

Anodised and Dyed

  • An exceptionally hard wearing solution that encapsulates the dye to ensure long term colour fastness.
  • Dye is printed into the pores of the aluminium.
  • It is then sealed so the image becomes part of the anodic layer of the aluminium.


  • A perfect solution for medium to harsh environments.
  • High quality ink is printed and then oven stoved to bake the ink onto any metal surface.
  • An affordable option that provides high durability for most requirements.


  • Thin aluminium to allow for manual marking and fixing to curved surfaces.
  • Can be anodised and dyed, or lithoprinted depending on the solution required.
  • A variety of adhesives are used to ensure a long lasting bond.
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